Saturday, August 16


Sex and the City isn’t real. I know, I know…you’re sitting there wondering why a young woman from New York is committing what seems like blasphemy. Just hear me out on this. First, let me say that SATC happens to e one of my favorite shows. I’ve seen every episode and can hold up my end on any Big vs. Aiden/Single vs. Married/ Slut vs. Modern Woman debate. I wore heels to the movie premiere and drank cosmos (ok, cranberry juice, but in a pretty glass!) for the finale.
However, unlike some other women, I refuse to fit the mold when it comes to the series’ many (many) questions and apparent revelations about love and relationships. Why? Because most of them are bull. Think about it long and hard, and tell me why I should idolize the picture painted by one of those four women. If you can, you deserve either a medal or a trip back to reality (probably the latter).
My problem with the ladies started when I was in a kitchy accessory store, and I noticed SATC-themed stationary. Among the pink-and-crystal encrusted goodies was a selection of keychains. Each one was supposed to proclaim the owners status as one of the four girls. There were different colors and icons, such as a shoe, cherry, briefcase, and leopard print bra. As much as I wanted one, I just couldn’t bring myself to pick one off the rack and bring it to the cashier. Why? Well, I didn’t know who to pick. Not a single one of them is a complete woman. Their characters are steeped in the most stereotypical traits of modern times. Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie only fully exist in their roles as romantic, wild, cynical, and pensive (or is it neurotic?), respectively. What irks me about this is that you need to combine the four to make a real person.
Look into your own life and you will see immediately when you are living as one of the characters. I found my examples so easily it was almost scary. For example: I’m Miranda when I’m afraid of being hurt, I was Carrie whenever I couldn't let go of something that wasn't right for me, Charlotte when I’m truly happy, and Samantha when the mood strikes. It’s human nature, in some ways, to react to different things in different ways. If you think about it, these four lovely women were robbed of their ability to experience true human nature. Poor things. I wonder how many cosmos it takes to fix that…

Back in the saddle again...

I haven't written anything creative on a regular basis since I was a contributor for my high school newspaper. Needless to say, that wasn't exactly the pinnacle of my writing career. I don't pretend to be a good writer, but i've been told I have potential. My interests, experiences, and perspectives have definitely changed since then, and I can almost feel the opinions and observations itching to get out. So I guess this is my chance. I want my main topics to be relationships, romance, traditions, a little bit of pop culture, and basically anything else I can argue with enough passion to actually get me to take the time to write about. I want to develop my style along the way. This should definitely be interesting.

(Ladies and) Gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.