Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter- The End of a Journey

After 40 days, Lent has come to an end. My boyfriend celebrated by drinking a big can of Coke, thus completing his Lenten goal. I celebrated by preparing a long, emotional letter to someone that I have resented and begrudged for over 12 years- my father.

My project began as a way to be feel happy and free from anger. I chose Lent because it was a controlled amount of time and a time when it is socially acceptable to change behavior in the name of repentance. I feel like I have been successful in my project. In fact, I feel that it has blossomed into a new mindset, one where I play a brand new role- the role of an adult.

My apology to my cousin for not being around as much paid off. It actually inspired me to make sure I got to see her. I actually got to see her and her children yesterday. I enjoyed playing with the kids so much that I'm sure I will make time to go see them more often. I tried to apologize to a friend, but then, without warning or suspicion, she contacted me. It was odd, considering that she literally did what I had been planning for a month, but has proved to be a positive event for us. We were able to get everything out in the open and establish an open line of communication, something I appreciate and have greatly missed for the past year and a half. I wanted to write to two other ex-friends and just say that it's all behind us and I harbor no resentment, but a few weeks ago fate placed us in the same Target, a mere 10 feet from each other. I learned from their childish behavior that I would have to put it behind us on my own. In an unexpected twist, an old friend of mine contacted me to put our past to rest. It felt great to get everything off my chest after all this time, and even better to think that my spirit of freedom from the past may have enabled this to take place.

While each of these situations has turned out fine, my last mission is the scariest. I don't plan on rehashing every issue from my parents unexpected and messy divorce, but I do plan on putting it behind me. I know that its something you never truly get over, and that's OK. I'm not looking to get over it, I just want to get past it. I'm an adult now, looking to start a life of my own- marriage, family, career, home- and I would like to start all of that with complete support and open communication between all family members. I've planned a letter for my father which essentially says there was hurt, pain, and anger. Now, there should be forgiveness, communication, and trust. I am nervous about all of this, but I'm a little bit proud. I'm proud that I am finally getting this off my chest. I'm also excited about finally getting past, well, the past.

This project has been exciting, scary, and fulfilling. I have learned about the people around me, and even more about myself. I will try, in the future, to never let myself hold on to anything that may fester and eventually become a regret or grievance. I will try to be polite, and fair. I will be happy.

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